Iterative Prototyping of a Pattern for a Finger Tracking Glove

Conference Paper: 16. GI VR/AR Workshop 2019, At Fulda, Germany

The perception of the movement of the own fingers is important in VR. Also the sense of touch of the hands provide crucial information about an object that is touched. This is especially noticeable when climbing in VR. While prototyping a VR climbing application, we developed the finger tracking glove. We developed a glove that enables to feel objects with the skin of the palm and the finger tips. 


VR climbing glove

More and more is published in the field of VR and climbing. The visual perception of the own fingers and the sense of touch is important to coordinate climbing movements. Also the friction of the skin of the hands is an essential element to do an ascent. Most of the common VR gloves only provide skin contact with the finger tips. Thus, we designed a glove to provide more skin contact while climbing in VR, with incorporated bending sensors.

This Project was part of the 16. GI VR/AR Workshop 2019, at Fulda, Germany.

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